I’m back

Sorry for disappearing from this blog for a while. I’ve just been hysterically busy with the new book and everything. And a lot of other things have happened; I’ve moved house, for example. So here is a pic of my new study:

My new study. Looks a bit dark in the Stockholm winter light, but is actually a quite bright room.

Do you see that couch? I am planning on taking naps there. (This is something I’ve done extremely rarely up til now, but I shall get better at it. I’ve read that a short nap in the middle of the day increases your efficience and brain capacity. I thought I could do with some of that.)

The study even has a small kitchenette. I’ve loaded the fridge with wine, for when my friends come around. Being a writer is a lonely job – I need them! (My friends, not the wine. Ah well, maybe the wine too.)

Anyway, I promise to start posting here again.


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